Jul 21 2016

The 4 Best Strategies For Acing Your Morning Workout Routine

morning workout routine

Fitting in time to work out: it can sometimes seem impossible, right? That’s why we swear by getting up and getting it done, so that we get our sweat on early in the day.

We’ve become such fans of this approach that we’ve sort of got our prep time for the gym and work afterwards mastered – and we’re here to share those secrets with you. One of those secrets? The Dartmouth is actually a perfect residence for anyone seeking to embrace a fit lifestyle… read on to find out why.

1. Be Prepared

We’ll find any excuse to stay in bed. So we always lay our workout outfit out the night before we go to bed. When that alarm blares, you don’t want any excuse factoring against getting up, getting it on, and getting out the door.

Prep goes beyond the outfit, though. There’s nothing worse than scrambling in the morning to get your workout gear, getting ready, accessories and work outfit all into one place while you make it out the door on time. So we always make sure we pack everything we need the night before. Plus, we put together a “gym prep” baggie that we always keep on hand : cleansing wipes, dry shampoo, makeup refresh and a brush – with hairspray in case of fly-aways.

2. Take Advantage of What’s Near!

Our main enemy on busy mornings? Time. Sometimes it can feel downright impossible to get up, make it to the gym, get a workout in, get ready for work – and make it to your desk on time. That’s why living with The Dartmouth’s fitness center within reach is the best addition to our mornings since we discovered coffee.

The fitness studio is fully equipped : you can find everything from cardio workouts to strength training to agility accessories. We quite literally have no excuses, considering a source for working out is mere steps from our door. And since it’s all so close, we can get out of bed at the last possible second – a gift.

Plus, there are no fighting crowds for a quick post-workout rinse! And yeah, we’ve found it important to get that routine down to a science : wash, cleanse, shampoo… and master hairstyles that can be done quickly, on the fly, and with damp hair. Good thing buns look elegant!

3. Get Creative With Your Workout Plans

The enemy of any workout routine is getting bored. Doing the same thing over and over, every morning? That’s an easy way to get stagnant – and easy motivation to influence you into hitting snooze more than once.

We love how easy The Dartmouth makes it to mix up our morning routines. There’re so many options to stay fit right in the community! We talked about the fitness studio above, but did you know there’s also a saltwater pool? Sometimes (especially in the summer), rolling out of bed to swim laps sounds ideal.

And if we’re in a mood to explore – or grab a cup of coffee – during our sweat session? Luckily for us, The Dartmouth has a bikeshare program with storage, so we can grab one any time we like. A nice scenic bike ride (with maybe a stop for coffee or breakfast) is an ideal way to ease into our day. And if your fitness routine mainly consists of chasing after your four-legged friend (which yes, that totally counts)? The Dartmouth is next to the future Park District dog park.

And if your fitness routine mainly consists of chasing after your four-legged friend (which yes, that totally counts)? The Dartmouth is next to the future Park District dog park.

4. Embrace Your Neighborhood

This goes hand-in-hand with making sure you keep your morning routine varied : if you love where you live, and look forward to touring it via means of keeping fit, it’s a lot easier to talk yourself out of bed in the morning.

We couldn’t be more enamored with The Dartmouth’s location. North Hills has rapidly become our go-to destination for everything shopping, dining, and fun. We love the beauty of the neighborhood, the surprises around every corner – and the green spaces! Midtown Park is always a fun run.

Need a class-based workout? Sometimes that’s what it takes to keep us accountable. North Hills has a few options for that : Fitness Connection is both a traditional gym, but also offers classes and training – an easy way to stay accountable. If you’re looking for options outside the gym variety, we love to hit up Pure Barre for a morning class (one of the hardest we’ve ever taken)!
Love morning workouts, too? Swing by and swap more tips with us – and let us know if you want to chat more about the neighborhood, too! You can find out more about The Dartmouth here, or by calling 919-813-6891.