Jul 29 2016

5 Summer Beauty Tips For Surviving The Heat In Style

5 Summer Beauty Tips For Surviving The Heat In Style

We know we don’t have to wax poetic on the challenges the summer poses to beauty routines: we’re all in it together. Still, when battling constant heat and humidity, as well as abrupt changes between the outside and the air conditioning, it’s hard to stay motivated to maintain a summer beauty routine.

Luckily, there’re enough services here to help in the North Hills neighborhood that we’ve been able to work out some tips that are basically foolproof. Read on to discover how to look your best in the dog days of summer – and let us know if we missed any “must-do’s” on your list!

1. Style your hair strategically

As much as we wish our hair looked perfect all of the time, we’re realists : in the summer, we’re doing battle against heat and humidity. And a lot of the time, we’re losing. Fortunately, we’ve found some hairstyles that work well with that summer weather. (And if all else fails, at least messy buns are in style!)

A great hairstyle for summer is a blend of braids on the crown of your head and relaxed waves below – the waves will gradually fall in the heat without being messy, taking away the stress of maintaining your hair. Plus, it’s not a super polished look – which is exactly how you want your summer beauty to shine. Bonus! Braids get your hair off your face, which is completely necessary for hot weather.

Want to rock that beachy waved look? We’re all about adding in some extensions – come on, even models do it – and mixing in some saltwater texturizing spray to boost the beachy vibe.

Here’s another secret : Blown Away Blow Dry Bar can help you make all of this happen. Seriously! They’ll even hand over a glass of champagne to make your visit extra luxurious. We also like to duck into Salon Blu – they’re experts in extensions, and also knock it out of the park on Keratin treatments… which will keep even the most stubborn hair straight in summer heat and humidity.

So if you’ve got a big night out or event coming up, or if you feel like you’ve been in a style rut while you battle the elements, book an appointment. You definitely won’t regret it.

2. Choose makeup wisely – think light coverage, fun colors

A lot of times in the summer, we opt for a natural eye, emphasizing it only with neutral shadows and strip lashes. It’s an easy way to create lush eyes without piling on makeup that can feel heavy – and melt. (Yes, makeup melts!)

To punch up our summer looks, we stray towards a fun color pop on the lip. Bright pink or coral is a frequent favorite. And nothing looks better with sun-kissed skin than a bold red lip. Speaking of skin that looks bronzed, don’t worry about exposing yourself to SPF rays in order to get that look. Strategically applied bronzer, and swipes of highlighter across your cheekbones and down your nose, will make it look like you’re a natural sun goddess. Or head over to Planet Beach Automated Spa and cheat a little with a spray tan. We won’t tell!

Whatever your summer beauty vibe, we recommend playing up only one feature at a time – a bold eye or a bold lip, for example. Because the season is naturally so relaxed, you want to express that balance in your look, instead of heavy makeup across the face. The heat calls for a softer approach. And your skin will thank you!

Makeup trends and application have you a bit daunted? Our secret weapon is North Hills’ Sephora. Not only is it a one-stop shop for all of the makeup you could ever want, for summer and beyond, but its staff are literal beauty experts. They’ll be able to talk you through summer trends and how to best apply them, all in one visit.

3. Go ahead, get wild (on your nails)

We’re totally guilty of having “go-to” shades of nail polish : reds, navys and dark green or gray in the fall and winter. Lilacs in the spring, when we’re just trying to shake off that cold. But in the summer? That’s when we really go wild.

Bright white is one of our favorite polishes for summer – it may be all in our heads, but we’re pretty sure it makes us look tanner. When we’re not sticking with that, we’re breaking out the brights : corals, teals, and hot (hot!) pink. There’s usually a different, but complementary, shade on our toes. And yes, you can totally justify springing for the fancy pedicure with “sandals season” as your reasoning.

Sometimes we’ll get all of our girlfriends together for a “pamper party” at Midtown Nail Spa, where with six or more services, we can get a 10% discount – if we’re all going to get manis anyway, it’s just smart to go together!

4. Stay active – seriously!

We hear you : just walking around outside makes you hot and sweaty, so why would anyone want to get hot and sweaty…on purpose?

But keeping active in the summer helps us feel our best. And as long as we’re drinking a ton of water, it’s easy to convince ourselves to maintain a routine. If you’re going to run, beat the heat and get out early – we’ll do some laps around Midtown Park for a beautiful, safe early morning run.

Not a morning person? Indoor workouts are probably your best bet, unless you genuinely enjoy working out in this weather. (More power to you!) Our state-of-the-art exercise gym is a great option for squeezing in your workout and staying in the air conditioning. Or head to our saltwater pool to bang out some laps. Doesn’t exercise sound more enticing when it’s taking place in the water?

5. Treat yourself. We’re sure you don’t need any convincing

The heat can be tough on your body – hey, everyday life can be tough on your body! So we believe in being kind to ourselves, and booking a spa appointment or two as a treat.

Sore muscles from swimming, or exercising, or just your jampacked schedule of summer activities? Sounds like a massage should be on the books for you. Hello, Massage Envy – they’re super flexible, so it’s easy to book an appointment, and they’ll customize a massage to address your exact aches and pains. Yes, please!

Skin struggling with the constant volleys between heat and humidity? We’re not sure how we’d survive without a refreshing facial. And we’ve already discussed mani/pedis – a necessity, right?

Want to chat all things summer beauty – or just find out more about living in the North Hills community? Swing by our leasing office, or give us a call at 919.373.3419. See you soon!


Image Source: visitnorthhills.com