Jun 18 2016

6 Awesome Amenities You’ll Find at the Dartmouth Apartments

Darmouth Wall

We’re about to let you in on a secret – the Dartmouth Apartments are opening in North Hills in July, and you’re going to want to be the first to snag an apartment.

Trust us – these new apartments are that good. We’ve gotten a peek at some of them, and are already dreaming of making our home here. What makes them that special? It’s hard to sum it up into one blog post, because the modern, vibrant residencies are far too impressive for that. But we’ve tried to pick our favorite gems of becoming a Dartmouth resident – six awesome amenities that you’ll find once you unpack those moving boxes.

1. Nest Thermostat

We know – a thermostat on an amenity list? We promise you we haven’t lost our minds – energy-saving Nest Thermostats are just that good.

They call it the “learning thermostat” for a reason : Nest’s products adapt to fit your life. No gimmicks, and no overselling here. You simple use the thermostat for a week, it learns your preferences, and sets itself accordingly.

Why does that matter, you may wonder? Well, imagine you’re the kind of person that likes to sleep in colder temperatures (guilty) – your Nest will register that each night, you turn down the thermostat around 10… and then it will remember to do that every day. Without prompting. Genius, right?

And it’s not all about your sleeping habits, though those are vitally important. Nest senses when you’re in and out of the house, automatically adjusting the temperature to reflect that. This translates into a reduction of energy, automatically turning your apartment into a sustainability hotspot. Who doesn’t want to go green?

2. Beautiful design elements

Admit it – we’re all guilty of swooning over our “home inspiration” boards on Pinterest and wishing we could translate the pictures into our actual abodes.

Here’s the inside scoop on The Dartmouth design process : they’re bringing those Pinterest boards to life for you. Seriously. Just think of all the Instagrams you can get out of all of their heart-stopping design elements!

Some (not all) units have sliding barn doors and bay windows, two gorgeous elements that may convince us to stay in our apartment all day. Whoops! For those of you who love to cook, the kitchens are Martha Stewart’s dream. Bowl sinks, modern cabinetry, subway tile backsplash – not to mention the granite countertops and modern appliances. You’ll basically be the next Iron Chef.

3. Amenities designed for fun – pure and simple.

We firmly believe that you can’t be all work and no play, and your home life should reflect that balance – and it seems the Dartmouth does, too. It’s almost impossible to know where to start when trying to summarize the amenities available for pure fun at the Dartmouth.

So we’ll start with something that we consider fun (but not everyone might agree) – the fitness studio. Sometimes nothing cures what ails ya like a good sweat. And a lot of times, the hardest part of getting ourselves to work out is getting the motivation to physically leave the house and go to the gym. But the Dartmouth has a state-of-the-art fitness studio right in the building, so you don’t have to leave. Plus, there’s a saltwater swimming pool to cool off in after – ultimate workout reward.

And don’t worry – there are more options to have fun than working out. Imagine lounging around a fire pit, or settling into the outdoor TV lounge and kitchen (with gas grills!) for dinner one evening. The billiards room is a perfect setting for a relaxed evening with friends, and the bike share program means you can tour the surrounding neighborhoods on two wheels whenever you want.

4. Google Fiber and Cable choices!

File this under #adulting – getting excited about having a choice of cable companies to work with. But seriously, after years of spending too long in the spiral of a cable monopoly, and poor service to boot, we think our favorite aspect of living in the Dartmouth is that you can choose between not two, but three cable companies.

The options are Time Warner, AT&T – or Google Fiber. Yes, you read that right. While relatively new, Google Fiber is probably the future of cable. It’s lightening fast: think a connection of 1,000 megabits per second. Your Netflix streaming won’t know what hit it. Downloads are easier, TV and audio is clearer… if anyone can revolutionize cable, it’s Google.

But if you don’t like Google? Or Google Fiber? Well, there’s two other cable companies to choose from at The Dartmouth. Which is a beautiful thing.

5. Concierge and Work From Home Services

Let’s get real for a second : it seems like everyone lately is working from home. And that’s great! There’s a rise of telecommuting careers, and tons of support for creatives who can be their own bosses. We dig it. But sometimes it’s hard to maintain productivity outside of an office environment.

Luckily for all of us, the Dartmouth has what you need to run an empire from home without breaking a sweat. There are dedicated work from home spaces, in case you just need to get out of the apartment. Technology available for resident use fits both PC and Mac user’s needs, and the printing station means that you never have to stress about getting a contract signed.

And in case you’re the kind of self-boss that doesn’t seem to have enough hours in the day, the Dartmouth’s concierge service is here to help you get it all done. They’ll coordinate dog walking, dry cleaning and even time with a personal trainer – so you can get back to running the world.

6. Proximity to North Hills

We saved our favorite for last – the Dartmouth’s killer location. You’re literally steps away from North Hills, the most vibrant and exciting neighborhood in Raleigh’s Midtown.

There’s tons of shopping to be had, the dining options are downright tempting – and the abundance of parks and public spaces mean you’re never out of options for some outdoor fun. Spas and salons are scattered throughout the neighborhood, and don’t even get us started on the 14-screen cinema. Your biggest challenge might be trying to narrow down your options for a night out!

We’d keep telling you about all of the incredible opportunities the Dartmouth apartments have to offer, but we get the feeling you’re already headed to check them out yourself. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect place to live.
If you’re interested in finding out more about living at the Dartmouth Apartments, or scheduling time to speak with a leasing representative, just give us a call or visit our contact page to setup a tour!


Image Source: Nest