Sep 23 2016

The 7 Best Places to Taste Fall Treats in North Hills Raleigh

Fall Treats North Hills Raleigh


The morning is a little chillier, the flowers at the market are beginning to take on new hues, we’re battling a daily addiction to boots and scarves – yep, fall is in the air.

The season of beautiful foliage, pumpkin picking, and Halloween is full of great traditions. But none is better, in our opinion, than the yearly tradition of fall foods. Pumpkin and apple pie, roasted veggies, hearty stews – we love fall treats. In fact, we dig them so much that we rounded up a list of our favorite places for fall treats in North Hills Raleigh to snag all the best fall flavors.

1. Edible Art Bakery and Dessert Cafe

While we’re all about a hearty fall meal, sometimes you just need a sweet treat. That’s where Edible Art Bakery and Dessert Cafe comes in.

Nothing says fall like pies (to us, anyway), so we’re eagerly awaiting the chance to scoop up one of Edible’s from-scratch slices. We’ve seen cookies decorated for the season – too cute to pass up! And Edible’s cake comes from a 100-year-old family recipe, which means two things : a) it’s delicious enough to stand the test of time and b) it’s totally on our list for a Halloween-themed cake.

2. Midtown Farmer’s Market

Is there anything better than getting a taste of the season at a farmer’s market? Grown locally and fresh, you know that everything you’re buying is, well, – in season!

We’ve been known to purchase a few perfectly crisp apples to munch on at the beginning of our market exploration, so that we have snacks for the rest of our shopping time. The farmer’s market is the perfect place to stock up on veggies to roast, fruits to use in baking (or snacking), and the rest of your grocery list. See you there!

3. Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Firebirds is known for serving up classic wood-fire grilled entrees. And lucky for us, that’s a perfect way to allow fall’s flavors to shine.

All of Firebirds’ classic entrees are seared over local hickory, oak or pecan wood, smoking some of the flavors of the region right into your meal. We’re already eagerly anticipating sitting down to some prime rib on a chilly fall night, or taking a midday break on a lazy Saturday afternoon to enjoy a classic Firebird burger.

With the expansive wine list, the search for a full-bodied red (the quintessential fall drink – we think!) has never been easier, so make sure Firebirds is on your list for a fall dinner.

4. Midtown Olive Oil

We know an olive oil store may be a surprising entry on a “fall treats” list, but there’s actually almost no better place to taste the flavors of the season!

Midtown Olive Oil features handcrafted oils and kinds of vinegar that have been created in small batches from around the world – and each product takes on the taste of its harvest season. Sample your way through the flavored oils, finding the right earthy tone to provide a new note to your fall dishes. Or indulge in flavored balsamic vinegar to drizzle over your favorite roasted dish!

Midtown Olive Oil also has a host of specialty foods – like freshly baked, local bread and homemade chocolates. So if you’re seeking the ultimate stops for fall flavors, make sure you factor Midtown Olive Oil into the mix.

5. Flights at the Renaissance

True, you don’t have to be in the hunt for the best flavors of fall in order to swing this cozy, cherry wood-accented oasis – but it helps.

The setting is relaxed, but the food is extraordinary. Settle in for small plates – something about fall makes tucking into a regional cheese plate seem like a perfect afternoon activity. Or come for dinner, and bring your appetite. Seared salmon, with tomato jam, is a hearty but healthy take on a classic autumn dish. And the inclusion of portobello mushrooms adds a nutty, earthy flavor to the pesto pasta. We could eat it every night!

6. Pumpkin Palooza

Can you tell we’re excited for North Hills’ annual fall festival? In addition to stacking up some seriously great activities, it’s also a great destination for fall food. So it’s worth marking on your calendar.

Some foodie deals of note : a chili cook-off, where Midtown restaurants are competing for the title of “best chili in Midtown.” We’d venture to say that chili is among the list of perfect fall foods, so a chance to find the best around? You can’t pass it up.

There will be food trucks with tons of other fall treats, too – plus a beer garden, where you’re sure to find some seasonal ales. See you October 22!

7. Starbucks!

We’re kidding. Kind of. But “pumpkin spice latte” has sort of become synonymous with fall, and the one place to get the original? Starbucks. Lucky for us, North Hills has two locations – in the center and in the plaza, so you can get your caffeine fix.

And if you’re not a PSL fan, Starbucks is pretty great about introducing a host of seasonal treats. Cozy up to a hot apple cider, snag a pumpkin scone or try their new treat – chile mocha, which sounds like a perfect sweet-spicy treat. We’re dying to try it!

What’s your favorite fall treat? Did we miss a place you stop every autumn? We want to know! You can contact us to set up a tour, swing by our leasing office, or call us at 919-229-8273.