Sep 01 2016

The Top 4 Things You Should Know About Living in Raleigh, NC

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Considering a move to Raleigh? Any move to a new city (even one that’s not a huge cross-country endeavor) can be a little daunting. And while we think we’ve found the perfect place for you to live – hint, hint – we thought you might want a little more insider info.

Last week’s post on the 12 reasons moving to Raleigh is a great idea proved pretty popular. So we thought it would be fun to take a deeper dive into being a Raleigh resident. Want to know what living here is like? We’ve got the scoop.

1. It’s a growing creative hub

We take our arts scene very seriously here in Raleigh, and it shows – there’s always a chance to catch a new exhibit, performance or concert.

The first thing you should check out? Our theaters. We’ve caught a lot of Broadway shows as they’ve toured through our city, and can report back that every production has been incredible. The Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts hosts many of these, as well as other can’t-miss shows. On our list? Ben Folds this September and Saturday Night Fever in February (yep, we plan ahead).

When we want a change of pace, we’ll take in a Carolina Ballet performance. It’s a young company known for vibrant, energetic evenings. The North Carolina Opera and North Carolina Symphony are also always worth a trip, even if it’s only an annual evening out.

Raleigh is filled with hidden gems in the form of art galleries, too. There always seems to be a new one nestled in an unexpected corner. One of our favorites is the nearby ArtSource Fine Art Gallery at North Hills, an award-winning gallery that holds over 2,000 works of art!

2. It’s a great place to expand your career

We’ve all felt the “career crunch” : am I doing enough? What’s my next step? Is this the career I want? But one thing we’ve heard, time and again, from those who live in Raleigh is that it’s the place to expand your career. Or even start one!

For starters, the job market here is great. The American Institute for Economic Research recently ranked Raleigh third among mid-sized metros for job seekers, making it the perfect place to kick off your job hunt. There’s a number of reasons that Raleigh is a strong candidate for those seeking employment – it’s a leader in many industries, including tech and professional services, healthcare and wholesale trade. Seeking a different challenge? The number of universities in Raleigh provide a wealth of different opportunities for career growth.

And while you’re starting, or growing, your career, you can feel financially secure in Raleigh. Our employment rates have trended upwards since 2011, and we’ve always been ahead of the national average. If you caught Wallet Hub’s recent rankings of the best (and worst) big cities in America, you’d see Raleigh nestled up top at number three – and, further down, ranked as the second-highest city for household income adjusted by cost of living. A great job market, security in your employment (with room for growth) and a comfortable standard of living? All things you can expect to find in Raleigh.

3. We really like to get outdoors

When we say that one of our favorite aspects of Raleigh is the parks system, sometimes those not familiar with the city give us a weird look – but trust us, it’s true. We’ve got over 9,000 acres of parkland at Raleigh, beautiful green spaces that are impeccably maintained. Many of our parks are connected by a greenway system (it spans 152 miles), so it’s easy to find running, hiking and walking trails that seemingly continue forever.

And in case you like to take to the water, Raleigh’s got some options for you, too. 1,300 acres of options, in fact! The public waterways combine with Raleigh’s excellent climate (can’t get enough of that Southern sunshine!) to give us the perfect places for swimming, SUPing, and simply reclining by the shore. Once you get there, you won’t want to leave.

Lastly, we’re a pretty fit city, so it’s not surprising that outdoor workouts are frequent! One of our favorites? Wellness Wednesdays over at North Hills, who partner with Orange Theory for some fun, free workouts in Midtown Park.

4. You’ll find your community here

Raleigh is, plain and simple, a really welcoming place. There’s a reason that Travel and Leisure ranked us eighth among America’s friendliest cities! As you’ve seen, we’ve got a lot of communities to embrace here – outdoor enthusiasts, art and culture fans, sports fans (university teams and an NHL franchise), technology professionals… no matter what your ideal niche, we can promise you that you’ll find a community here.

Take fitness, for example! There’s the aforementioned outdoor workouts to check out. Or you could join a run club that winds its way through our parks and down the Raleigh streets. Men’s Health ranked Raleigh first among cities for men that want to be “fit and happy” – citing the over 100 miles of running and cycling trails, the Raleigh Farmer’s Market, where fresh and healthy options abound, and companies with excellent wellness perks.

It helps, too, when your living community wants to aid you in creating a community. Here at The Dartmouth, we’ve got a ton of options designed to help you meet your neighbors. Find other animal lovers at the dog park that’s next to our building, or strike up a conversation in the outdoor TV lounge with someone else firing up dinner over the gas grills. Need a partner in the billiards room? We bet you can find a willing participant.


Have questions about moving to, or living in Raleigh? Or do you have a fun fact that you think we missed? Swing by our leasing office, or call us at 919-813-6891.


Image source:  Tresa W. via Yelp