Jun 03 2016

North Hills Movie Theater: 5 Tips for The Perfect Raleigh Date Night

Dartmouth Regal Cinema

There’s something about a night at the movies that screams quintessential date night. Really – how many other dates can you say worked in middle school and are still a go-to now?

We love to sit back, relax and be transported to a different world (or just an alternate version of our own) on a movie date. And yes, you can have a great movie night at home, but the experience is somehow elevated when you actually go out to the movies.

For the best North Hills movie theater experience, The North Hills Regal Cinema is a perfect date night spot. Spacious, comfortable seating, state-of-the-art visuals and sound, the latest and greatest blockbusters and some awesome snack options – anyone catch their popcorn + jalapeno idea on Facebook the other day?! – are a win in our book. And so you can slam dunk the rest of your date, here are our best tips for the perfect night out:

1. Do your movie research

It’s key to know what’s playing before you head to the theaters. Lucky for us, the North Hills Regal makes this part of the plan easy : all of their films and showtimes are listed on their website, so it’s a simple click to do some research.

Also important? Get a sense of what kind of movies what your date likes. Don’t bring a fan of romantic comedies to the latest Tarentino bloodbath, and definitely don’t take someone who hates to be scared to a horror film. But if you both like superhero movies, the new XMen feature is probably going to set the stage for an ideal evening.

If you need more ideas, Regal is always screening the latest blockbusters. Right now, you can catch Me Before You, XMen : Apocalypse, The Nice Guys or Alex Through The Looking Glass – and more. No matter what genre you and your date prefer, you’re covered.

2. “Dinner and a movie” is a catchphrase for a reason

Don’t let the date just begin and end at the cinema! One of the best things about the North Hills Regal is its proximity to the North Hills restaurant scene.

If you’re headed to an early movie, you may want to snag dinner reservations. Is it just us, or do we always seem to leave the movies hungry? Italian is a classic “dinner and a movie” pairing – so heading to Mia Francesca Trattoria for some of its rustic fare could be a clear win. Coquette Brasserie is another great choice. You can’t beat oysters, wine and French fare.

Want to keep the meal a little laid-back? Grab a pizza at Piola, or mix-and-match your tacos at  Chuy’s. With the range of restaurants at North Hills, there’s sure to be an option that you and your date will love.

3. Have a post (or pre-) game plan

Always have some ideas on hand to extend the date after the movie – or kill some time before you head in!

Maybe it’s as simple as grabbing drinks after you come out of the theater. In that case, may we suggest World of Beer. Its name doesn’t lie – you’ll find 500 different brands of beer here, which could satisfy even the pickiest drinker. If you want to avoid alcohol at the end of the date, head to Ben and Jerry’s. Nobody can resist one of their ice cream cones.

No matter what you choose, though, the parks at North Hills are a great way to end an evening movie date. Stargaze with your ice cream in Midtown Park – or people watch. We won’t tell!

4. Outfit – yes, there’s a “right way” to dress for the movies!

We always tend to value comfortable clothing at the movies. Why is that? Well if you’re sitting in one place for hours, and you want to be sucked into the show, then you don’t want to waste any brainpower on an ill-fitting or itchy outfit.

Tried-and-true? Jeans and a casual, comfortable t-shirt. If you tend to get cold, make sure you grab a jacket or sweater: especially during the summer, air conditioning is sure to be pumping. Also easy – a throw-on-and-go sundress. It’s cute, classic and won’t distract you from the romance between the two main movie characters.

Oh, and if you look in your closet and decide you have absolutely nothing to wear? North Hills’ shops can help with that.

5. Get to the theater early to scout out seats, review trailers – and enjoy each other’s company!

Some people have VERY strong opinions about where they want to sit in the theater. And while we don’t have seats always picked out, there are some places we don’t like… the very first row, for example. But maybe that’s your spot of choice!

Get there early to pick out prime seating. Besides, once you’re at Regal, you want to have ample time to snag your refreshments, play “rate the trailer” (a pretty easy game, to be honest) and chat with your date before the lights go down… because you can’t once the movie starts!

Most of this advice may seem like a no-brainer. Dinner and a movie is a timeless date for a reason! We hope it’s inspired you to get planning. And if you have any questions about showtimes, or need more information about the cinema, you can always call Regal at 1-844-462-7342, extension 1305, or visit their website.