Apr 12 2017

Peloton Cycle

Welcome Peloton Cycle!

We are so excited about our latest addition to our state of the art fitness studio at The Dartmouth! We now officially are the proud owners of a brand new Peloton Cycle! Peloton Cycle’s offer the latest, cutting edge workout providing an experience unlike any other fitness cycle. On the Peloton cycle you can participate in live cycle classes direct from the Peloton studio in NYC, track your own personal progress, and compete with other cyclists.

Peloton Cycle 3 Peloton Cycle 2 Peloton Cycle

Along with the Peloton Cycle, The Dartmouth fitness studio offers  Fitness on Demand (hundreds of virtual fitness classes), a barre studio, 5 treadmills, 3 elliptical, a TRX machine, a spin bike, free weights, kettle bells, several fitness accessories, chilled towels, and more. The Dartmouth fitness studio is over 1100 square feet making it the largest fitness studio on a residential site in North Hills.

DartmouthFitness_Online_008 DartmouthFitness_Online_007 DartmouthFitness_Online_001

Still not sold that The Dartmouth meets all your fitness needs? We also have an outdoor Crossfit station and are walking distance to the Capital Area Greenway.

outdoor 3 outdoor 2 outdoor 1

So if you are into cardio, weightlifting, barre, running, or leisurely walking – The Dartmouth offers something for you. Ready to select your new home? Click here to pick your perfect apartment! Want to hear more about what The Dartmouth has to offer? Call us at 984-242-4526 or email us at info@dartmouthnorthhills.com and we will be happy to help!