Aug 19 2016

Dog Days of Summer: 4 Perfect Places for Cool Treats in North Hills Raleigh

Summer Places North Hills Raleigh

August is always a brutal month in terms of heat – it seems never-ending! And while escaping into the air conditioning (or the pool) is tops on our list of ways to beat the sticky weather outside, there’s an argument to be made for another avenue of cooling down… indulging in some cold treats.

We rounded up our top four places to get some cool snacks in North Hills Raleigh, and we’re betting at least one will surprise you! Check them out… and get ready to beat the heat in the tastiest way possible.

1. The Midtown Farmer’s Market

We’ve gone over the many great discoveries to be had at the Midtown Farmer’s Market – there’s nothing like turning a corner to find a stall bursting with the flavors of the season. But there’s icy cold goodness to be had here, too!

Start with Citizen Pops, who handmake all-natural fruit and yogurt pops. Bonus? Everything is crafted from locally-sourced fruit, and never includes fruit juices, frozen fruit, syrup, or added color. So it’s a cold treat you can feel good about eating. Cold Off The Press is another hidden farmer’s market gem – nothing helps fight a sweaty August morning like some cold-pressed organic juice.

In fact, we bet the yogurt pops and the cold juice pair well together. That’s all the excuse we need to double down on both!

The best part about snagging a treat at the farmer’s market is that we can stock up on things to bring home, too. While you may not think of fruit as your go-to summer indulgence, we swear by keeping some ice-cold watermelon in the fridge on a hot summer’s day, or picking up seafood to pair with a perfectly chilled glass of wine. We may be thinking outside the box on a “perfect cold treat” – but they taste pretty perfect, too.

2. Ben & Jerry’s

The classic. There’s nothing like a generously scooped, just-beginning-to-melt ice cream cone in the summertime. And there’s nothing like getting that cone from Ben & Jerry’s.

There’s a reason that they’re the best in the business. The creative range of flavors never disappoints with something new to discover – though time and again, we find you can’t go wrong with old standbys. Cherry Garcia, anyone?

But no matter your flavor of choice, the quality is always the same: delicious. It’s not an exaggeration to say we’ve never had a bad ice cream cone from Ben & Jerry’s. The team says that stepping into their shop and ordering a cone should be like taking a ten-minute vacation from the rest of the world, and we’re completely on board with that. All of your problems (including oppressive heat) seem to go away when you’ve got some great ice cream on hand!

Nestled in the heart of North Hills’ Main District, we also love the ease of ducking into Ben & Jerry’s while we’re running errands, shopping – or just on our way home. Sometimes it’s almost too easy to head in there…

So go ahead, treat yourself to an ice-cold cone next time you’re in the area. The hardest part of the trip will be deciding what flavor you want to get. And the toppings you want to pair with it!

3. Pharaoh’s American Grill

Yep, a good old-fashioned deli sandwich and hot dog shop is on our list. Know why? Because their menu boasts ice cream and frozen custard… which are two wonderful ways to while away a summer afternoon.

The food is classic and good. You can’t go wrong with burgers, fries and hot dogs – or a hearty sandwich. They make their own bread (yep!) and chips, and boast the best chicken salad in the neighborhood. Just trust on that.

But where Pharaoh’s shines during the dog days of summer are its sweet, icy cold treats. Not feeling an ice cream-laden indulgence? We recommend their homemade orangeade: it’s cold, delicious, and a Pharaoh’s staple. We never go in without ordering one! There’re fresh-squeezed lemonade and limeade, too.

And when it’s this hot out, you should really end your meals with something cold and sweet, which is where Pharaoh’s ice cream comes in. There’re toppings galore, which pays dividends for another one of our favorite treats on the menu: their hurricanes. Your choice of ice cream blended with your choice of topping, it’s basically one of the most indulgent milkshakes you’ll ever taste. And it’s downright perfect for the dog days of summer.

4. Starbucks – North Hills

We get it – sometimes you need a quick cold treat. Or hey, one early in the morning, because it was hot and sweaty just to get out of bed and blowdry your hair. Or you’re still cooling down from a morning workout! That’s where Starbucks comes in.

We swear by a chilled iced coffee to get us through the morning when the heat index is telling us to stay in bed. Starbucks brews some great ones – so strong that the ice doesn’t water down the coffee, which is vitally important!

And we know we don’t have to tell you about the number of frozen drinks to be had at Starbucks. Honestly, every time we go in there, something’s different – a new Frappuccino, a different take on an iced latte, a tea refresher that’s both tangy and somehow, thirst-quenching. In fact, there’re so many cold drinks, we may run out of hot days to try all the combinations!

Our last little secret? You can bring Cold Brew Pitcher packs home… so each time we go in, we’re sure to stock up. You never know when you’ll need to cool down on the fly!

We know people feel pretty passionately about their favorite treats – so did we miss one of your favorite stops? Swing by the leasing office and let us know. We’d be happy to show you around while you’re here! Stay cool…


Image Source: Midtown Raleigh Farmers Market