Jul 01 2016

Yard House Raleigh, NC: 4 Ways To Have The Best Meal Ever

Yard House Raleigh NC

One of our favorite spots to dine in North Hills is Yard House. It’s got great rock music, a delicious lineup of food exiting the kitchen, and a drink list so long, we’re not sure we’re ever going to be able to check off every item on it.

So yeah, we’d consider ourselves Yard House pros. It’s a distinction we’re proud of – and now, we want to share some of our top secrets with you. Here are our best 4 ways to enjoy your experience at Yard House Raleigh, NC, and have the best meal ever to boot!

1. Come with friends – the menu is wide and diverse!

You know how finding a place to eat when you’re coordinating with a big group is kind of a pain? You’ve got different cravings, dietary restrictions, favorite spots, ideal meals in mind… it’s exhausting just to think about.

Luckily, Yard House negates all of that worry.

The menu is expansive – but not in an overwhelming way. More like, come in prepared with what you’re craving that night (burger? Fish? salad?) and they’ve got it covered. It’s pretty refreshing to pick a spot for dinner that you know won’t cause menu drama. Plus, the booths are wide and comfortable, so there’s ample room for everyone!

In fact, your biggest challenge might be narrowing down your meal choice. More than once, we’ve been stuck between a few options while perusing Yard House’s offerings. The black truffle cheeseburger is a masterpiece, and one we can’t stop ourselves from devouring. But the short rib tacos are crave-worthy, and the ginger crusted salmon pairs expertly with wasabi mashed potatoes. Those three dishes only begin to scratch the surface of what’s good at Yard House – which is another reason to come with friends. Time to sample off everyone’s plates!

2. Try something completely new and unexpected on the drink list. Trust us.

The drinks menu at Yard House is just as expansive as the food menu, which is a pretty monumental achievement. But there’s one logical place to start – its beer.

Yard House is known for its beer offerings, which are expansive enough to earn their own menu. One of our favorite features is that it’s divided up by taste, making it easy to explore new beers without risking ordering one that you’ll hate. We’re also big fans of Yard House’s Chalkboard Series, a rotating selection of tap beers that are changed out monthly.

And if you’re just not a beer person? That’s okay (we know a few people who much prefer wine and cocktails) – there’s plenty more to wash down your meal. Since there’s so much good food to consume, not that we’re complaining, we recommend sticking with light, refreshing cocktails: like the light lemon martini or the strawberry cucumber martini, both of which are delicious – and fresh – drink choices.

3. Settle in on the patio, if weather allows.

Yard House has one of the coolest patios in North Hills, and if it’s a nice summer evening, it’s the perfect place to take advantage of the opportunity to dine al fresco.

The patio is large, so you don’t have to worry about being crammed up against other diners while you enjoy your food. And the service staff at Yard House is great at balancing all of the demand – we’ve never felt “forgotten about” while dining outside of the restaurant. Plus, what goes better with a cold beer and a juicy burger than eating it in a cool summer breeze?

Another (not-so-secret) reason we dig sitting outside? People watching! And since Yard House is right in North Hills, the surrounding area is always vibrant, bustling and entertaining.

4. Oh – and don’t forget about the late night happy hour.

Happy hour is one of our favorite institutions. At the end of a work day, it’s always nice to grab coworkers or friends and head to a fun spot for discounted drinks and snacks. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was happy hour… all the time?

Okay, so that’s not exactly the deal at Yard House. But they’re really close. And they’ve brought you practically the best of both worlds: late night happy hour. Genius, right?

If you’re out (maybe at Kings, bowling! Or catching a movie) and all of a sudden realize it’s late, you’re hungry – and hey, maybe you could use a beer, too? – there’s really only one place you should go. From 10 p.m to close, Sunday – Wednesday, happy hour starts all over again.

The menu is great, with four tiers of food selection, varying by price. Also, the Yard House team told us the signature dish of the late night happy hour is the Vampire Taco, so now you essentially have to try it! And like all great happy hours everywhere, the bites are complemented by inexpensive drinks. We can’t think of a better way to end our evening.

If you’re running out of the door right now to visit Yard House, we totally get why. It’s got a little bit of everything needed to have a totally special (and successful) night out, and with the advice above, we think you’re completely prepared to make the most of your experience.

You can find out more about Yard House here, or call them at 919-881-2590 for any other questions. Happy dining!